Study locations

Below we provide a map with all study sites in the Network

Hopea sp. in the Huai Kha Khaeng Wildlife Sanctuary in Thailand. ┬ęPeter Groenendijk

Locations and metadata
The map below shows the locations of all chronologies included in the network. Metadata for each chronology are accessible by clicking on specific symbols. Provided are: site ID, study species, total chronolgy length, start and end year, and the Rbar of the chronology.
A substantial share of our chronologies is provided by data collaborators across the tropics, while another part was obtained from the International Tree-ring Databank (ITRDB).
The TTR network does not aim to create a separate database of tropical tree tree-ring studies. Rather we stimulate contributors to make their data available on the ITRDB, and we faciliate that process if needed.